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He is a recurring character only. However, Abby isn't single. Don soon realises there are advantages to letting him stay. As Mrs Treacher is becoming increasingly difficult to look after, Don and Eddie decide to put her in a nursing home, a decision that is made unavoidable by Don selling the house.

Dan clark s guide to dating for older, filmography

Don has been shown to have a crush on Abby, though he eventually falls in love with Sam. Curriculum Vitae His father is a sixteenth Indianwhich Eddie reveals to Don who was confused about his surname. She is a student at university and also has very similar characteristics to Don. When he moves into a house left to him by his recently deceased grandmother, he meets Eddie, her enthusiastic carer who doesn't want to leave.

Treacher Don's neighbour has become a main character as well as having more lustful humour towards Don, along with a new character named Samantha. Video Information He decides to sell it to a property developer for a large sum of money who plans to demolish it. Still coping with his romantic feelings for Samantha, Don receives a letter from his solicitors informing him that he may sell the house if he so wishes. He ends up choosing Abby, the girl he was in love with as a teenager and whom he still fancies.

The series featured Julian Barratt as a minor character, Jackson. Often acting in a socially awkward and diva-style manner. However, he later steps aside and it is implied that Jason ends up with Abby. The result was the pilot for How Not to Live Your Life, using the same style of short clips within a traditional sitcom. His biggest enemy is his overactive mind, timba dating site which plays out countless scenes of things he shouldn't do or say.

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She has unsuccessful relationships, likes to drink and previously had a job with which she was not happy. However, Abby often attempts to get Karl to be more tolerant with Don, and tries to ease hostility between the two. Eddie fled the country after the Police discovered he was a serial killer who grooms men for three years before killing them with kitchen utensils. The art gallery has closed and he is working in a shoe shop while Jason is managing an upmarket supermarket. The plotline is somewhat different from the first series.

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