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Barling and Sons as his company. Guss Williamson-Barling was nearing the end of his tenure as Managing Director. The old size stamps are dropped.

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He later became General Manager, and is credited for later saving the brand from extinction at the hands of Imperial Tobacco. This is a rare stamp that was used for a brief period, probably just before the company sold in or just after. In addition, the unintentional howlers created by the translator will provide a great deal of amusement.

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Very few can tell the difference between a pipe made before and one made after. Notice that the M in Make is now under the A.

The word London exists on a few examples only. From the Johnny Long Collection. That said, Guss points to another reason for the perceived change in the qualities of the Barling product. We have included a sample of that correspondence in the form of an exchange of letters between Mr.

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The Transition Barlings are generally defined as those made by the company that bought the business from the Barling family. Also, dating after the death of your husband some of these Barlings have both types of model numbers stamped on them. In Bucktrout purchases the rights to the Barling name and Barlings have shown up as relatively cheap pipes made by Peterson. The Post-Transition Barlings are generally defined as those pipes made by Imperial Tobacco after it took over the ownership and running of the business. It all seems neat and simple.

Those more comfortable with the traditional definitions can still use the following information. Family Era and Corporate Era. Every department of our factory being under our own practical and personal supervision, ensures every pipe turned out by us coming under our direct notice.

He graciously replied as noted below. Barling and Sons used only the very choicest of old growth air seasoned Algerian briar. Finishing bowls turned in St. His contribution to this update offers the intriguing probability that Barling was producing sandblasts before Dunhill. Not being stupid, Bing happily accepted the presentation gift.

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There is a wealth of information therein contained. The Family Era pipes are highly sought after by collectors and have excellent smoking and aesthetic qualities. Date can be determined by silver hallmarks.

This is the only example of this stamp I have ever seen. These pipes were made by the same craftsman from the same materials, as the earlier product.

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When Finlay was absorbed, Barling came under direct control of Imperial Tobacco. Montague Barling, in reply, thanked Bing Crosby, presented the th Anniversary pipe set and wished him many hours of smoking pleasure from them. Different sources suggest different dates for each of these eras.

Following the sale of the company change came on gradually. In addition to the model numbers, pipes were given names.

Crosby, During a fleeting visit to Jasper Park late in the summer of I had the pleasure of having a chat with you. Even the book done by the late John Loring about Dunhill nomenclature is not perfect since exceptions have been found in those pipes as well.

The earlier pipes look like Pre-Transition, the later pipes look like Post-Transition. This was all part of the th Anniversary celebration, a celebration that had been many years in the making. Typical Transition Barling Nomenclature, Barling is now in script. Some of them are stamped with both the old and new model numbers. They closed the Barling factories in and outsourced the production of pipes, first to several English makers, and then later to Nording, etc.

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They change the model numbering to include a size or group number as the first number. Eventually, Barling pipes appeared that were clearly made by Peterson, complete with P-lips.

Spigot mounted, and with model numbers stamped on the pipe. Pipes made by the Barling family while it either owned or managed B. On that date, the Barling family sold their business to Finlay, their largest client. The Eras According to recent scholarship, Barling pipes have gone through three distinct eras that dramatically effect collectability of the pipes.

And who is anyone else to dispute this? Would you be kind enough to let me know if you will accept such a presentation?

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In their single-minded pursuit of perfection, B. The new numbering system was introduced while the Barling family managed the business.