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The study found that nearly every interaction between Ana and Christian was emotionally abusive in nature, including stalking, intimidation, and isolation. Ana and Christian once again meet to further discuss the contract, and they go over Ana's hard and soft limits. Later, Ana wakes to find herself in Christian's hotel room, where he scolds her for not taking proper care of herself. She did everything I wanted.

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Devastated, she breaks up with Christian and returns to the apartment she shares with Kate. The hours that follow mark the first time Ana thinks she sees something beneath Christian's calm, controlled surface. Ana is intrigued but believes she is not attractive enough for Christian. Later that night, Ana goes out drinking with her friends and ends up drunk dialling Christian, who informs her that he will be coming to pick her up because of her inebriated state. It made Twilight look like War and Peace.

As a result, she stumbles through the interview and leaves Christian's office believing it went poorly. Does that make him less attractive? He initially says that Ana will first have to fill in paperwork, but later goes back on this statement after making out with her in the elevator. Ana leaves with Christian, but not before she discovers that Kate has been flirting with Christian's brother, Elliot.

While he purchases various items including cable ties, masking tape, and rope, Ana informs Christian that Kate would like some photographs to illustrate her article about him. Shocked by what she thinks is a sudden, vulgar move she's right on his part, the action only serves to make her feel more awkward. Christian spanks Ana for the first time, and the experience leaves her both enticed and slightly confused. For the first time we find ourselves privy to his emotions.

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This confusion is exacerbated by Christian's lavish gifts and the fact that he brings her to meet his family. Christian fulfils Ana's request, beating her with a belt, and Ana realises they are incompatible. James its best-selling author, replacing J. What does Christian have in store? The contract even forbids Ana from touching Christian or making eye contact with him.

Over the next few days, Ana receives several packages from Christian. Christian gives Ana his phone number.

During the conversation, Ana learns that Christian is also single, but he says he is not romantic. The following morning, Ana and Christian again have sex. But Christian's apparently cold reaction leaves her confused. But Christian has no problem naming exactly what he wants and how he wants to do it.

She and Christian email each other, with Ana teasing him and refusing to honour parts of the contract, such as only eating foods from a specific list. Ana goes on a date with Christian, on which he takes her in his helicopter, Charlie Tango, to his apartment.

Ana does not expect to meet Christian again, but he appears at the hardware store where she works. Christian and Ana plan to meet again, and he takes Ana home, where she discovers several job offers and admits to Kate that she and Christian had sex. With hindsight, it's no surprise.

Because of these feelings, Ana runs away from Christian and does not see him again until her college graduation, where he is a guest speaker. Christian then reveals that he would like to have sex with her.

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In peeping into the mind of the mysterious Mr Grey, we learn that his desire for her submission is less about his own control as it is wanting to be loved and trusted, and accepted. Grey shows a development from the previous books in more ways than one. Initially dismayed to learn she had no sexual experience, quienes eran los agraristas yahoo dating Mr Grey quickly cottons on to his responsibility.

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Due to an illness, Kate is unable to interview year-old Christian Grey, a successful and wealthy Seattle entrepreneur, and asks Ana to take her place. But the new book reveals that what she thought was going through his mind was only half the story. Ana finds Christian attractive as well as intimidating. Ana replies that she is not dating anyone.