Hook up factory radio subwoofers, i would like to hook up my subs to my factory stereo

Then under the hood clamp the wire down to the battery. Then run the remote wire back to the amp and cut it there leaving a foot or so of extra cable. Just make sure you set the amp gain so no distortion ever plays. If you want a question answered about a system, it's best you identify the equipment in question by brand names and model numbers. Connect that wire to your amp's remote.

It sounds like you should visit a car audio dealership and hire them to install your amp and sub. That way, once the cables are in place, you'll know which of those cables is for the amp inputs and which is for the amp outputs. You should be able to connect it to the auxiliary on the back of the stereo unit. The sub's built-in amplifier has been optimized to run that particular Mackie driver, so I recommend contacting Mackie tech support in order to get a replacement. And also what type of amp would I buy, like mono or.

How to Connect an Amplifier to a Factory Stereo

Be sure to know the impedance of the subwoofer s you are using and try to match the amplifier's impedance accordingly. Ok so I've heard a lot of my buddies refer to you diagrams for wiring up subs and I've used them a few time to help. Now attach a line of speaker wire to each splice and secure with electrical tape. The extra terminals give you more options for wiring the speaker. It will just plug into your truck and then connect color coordinated wires.

The most cost effective first step is to buy an amplifier wiring kit off of an internet auction site, etc. In order to prevent blowing your replacements, you must understand about setting the amp's gain and other controls correctly. Or, use one positive and one negative amp terminal for the pair of subs, it doesn't matter which.

My amp is already installed and I just bought a new sub. It has only four speakers. Should it be parallel connection?

How to Install Subwoofers 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
Can you hook up subwoofer to ford factory radios

Joe, Not knowing exactly what amplifier or subwoofers you have make it impossible to give advice on how to wire them together. Amps themselves don't have ohms, queen of that's what subwoofers have. That's a recipe for blowing subwoofers.

I would like to hook up my subs to my factory stereo

Subwoofer Wiring Diagrams How to Wire Your Subs

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If you want a question answered about a system, it's best that you identify the gear by brand names and model numbers. Christopher, tiger tiger The second diagram of this article might help visualize what you want to do. Make sure to connect positive to positive and negative to negative.

You can make all the speaker connections without having to solder or crimp anything. What's the proper way to wire? Eventually I moved back to Charlottesville, Virginia and opened a small demo recording studio. For power, you will need to heavy guage wire to connect from the battery to the amp.

Tell us about your vehicle. What independence should i run them at? Neymer, Your amplifier possibly has enough power to drive one of those subs, but probably not two.

I would like to hook up my subs to my factory stereo

When connecting a line out connector to a factory head unit, it is advisable to use both sets of speaker wires to maintain the left and right stereo effect from modern music. Shows you how to add an amplifier and subwoofer to any car stereo without changing out your stock car radio saves money. Behind the factory radio, you can access all of the speaker wires in one place. The radio's wiring harness delivers power to the radio and sends its output to the speakers.

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  1. You should be alright as long as you never play distortion, trying to get louder bass.
  2. Do you have any recommendations on amps?
  3. If you bought a kit it comes with an inline fuse, if you didn't, you need to get an inline fuse.
  4. Run this wire back to your amp and hook it into the speaker-level inputs.
  5. Wire it like this diagram.

The best way to get a question answered about a system is to identify the gear by brand names and model numbers so we can get the right information to you. Johnny, If your receiver only has a pair of subwoofer outputs, the simplest way to feed all four of your amplifier's channels is to use a couple of Y-cords to split the two channels into four. Or, both subs powered by one amp, wired like this. Get your capacitor as close to the amp as possible, what does hook up and use the same ground as you did for the amp. The fuse amperage should match the gauge size.

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Sometimes, the music cuts out when I turn on the car. Just cut the power wire, insert the inline fuse and reattach. Like everyone else, I want all I can get out of the amp, but I don't want to burn it up. Dylan, Not knowing exactly what amplifier or subwoofers you have make it impossible to give advice on how they'll work together.

Can the impeadance of either sub be wired to change the value. If so how should i wire it? Currently I have the subs wired to just one of the two terminal cups on the box and I was wondering if there is any reason that I should wire each sub to its own terminal cup. How to bridge the amp is usually indicated at the amp's speaker wire terminals. The sub is rated at w rms.

My next question is will this setup be safe for the amp and the subs? It'll power your speakers and sub from one compact chassis. Make sure you wrap all your wire connections with electric tape to reduce wires connecting to other metal parts and shorting. Just be sure to set the amp gain so no distortion ever plays.

Related Questions My subs and amp are hooked up in my truck to the factory stereo? Can I hook up a sub with a factory stereo? Im trying to get my system planned out before I hook up all the gear. Factory speaker wires are very thin, with high electrical resistance.

Nic, Without knowing precisely what amp and subs you're referring to, we can't help you with advice. Or, you could wire one sub per terminal set, and then run two pairs of wires to the amp, it's electrically the same. And what would be the best way to wire them?

Can you hook up subwoofer to ford factory radios

Believe they are watts a piece. If that lack of power is not an issue, you can wire them together like this. Luis, That amplifier is twice as powerful as that sub's power rating, so there's a risk you could blow the sub by over-powering it. This is where the output of the amplifier peaks and stays there for a split-second. To solder and crimp, solder the wires first, just hook up then insert into one end of butt connector and crimp.

  • What wiring options do I have into a single Channel.
  • Not knowing exactly which you have makes it impossible to give advice on how to wire them together.
  • Would I need an amplifier that can offer their combined nominal power output?
  • What amplifier required for best effects?

Run the red power wire from your amp installation kit from the positive terminal on your battery through your car's cabin to the location of the amp. Rafael, Please do not connect the outputs of your two amplifiers together, it could damage them. By submitting images, you agree to our terms and conditions.

How to Wire an Amp to a Sub and Head Unit 12 Steps
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