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Alan is sent to jail, but Sami fears that nobody will ever love her. Their friendship eventually blossoms into an affair while Justin Wally Kurth is overseas apparently also engaged in an affair. He's found Lucas's white blood cell count is quite high, which could be an indicator of an immune deficiency problem and may even be cancer. Lucas says that Steph is a good mother and should have more access to her son. However, after he confronts her about it, Vanessa leaves, saying he will not see her again.

Lucas Fitzgerald

The Perfect Storm Hanna and Lucas grow closer as Lucas continues to score Hanna big bucks selling her used accessories on the internet. Footage can be reviewed immediately on set after shooting, rather than having to wait for dailies to be printed.

Later, Lucas accepts a job with his former stepfather, Victor Kiriakis, and travels to California to investigate a possible takeover of High Style. Adrienne subsequently distances herself from Lucas, but resumes their relationship after Justin returns to Salem. Even as Sami's memories starts to return, Lucas convinces Sami to help him with a new plot to convince Austin that Carrie is falling in love with Mike Horton. Carrie learns that Austin has slept with someone else, but she doesn't know it was her own sister.

Meanwhile, Austin and Sami became engaged, but on her wedding day Sami calls off her wedding to Austin because of a blackmail note delivered by a mysterious gloved hand. Though Lucas initially believes he can deal with it, he has trouble adjusting and discourages Will from dating Sonny Kiriakis Freddie Smith. However, Rhys and Vanessa begin dating. Once Austin is free, Sami plans to steal him from Carrie.

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The statues were of Yoda and the first life-sized statue of Indiana Jones. These events became a magnet for the teenage Lucas and his boyhood friend John Plummer.

Back in Salem, with Philip's rescue successful, Lucas and Sami grow close again and became engaged. Lucas is forced to ask Dan for help. Kate leans on Franco, but he attacks her.

Lucas also convinces Carrie to get plastic surgery to help her get a modeling gig as Bella's Face of the s. Lucas learns that Sami has been blackmailing his mother, but Kate refuses to tell him what Sami has on her.

Disney, however, ultimately chose not to use Lucas's story ideas in the final film. Lucas is involved in a motorbike crash and he suffers spinal injuries, which need rehabilitation. Mickey Horton arranges for Lucas to finish his sentence with house arrest, so he can be at home with his family. During the speech, Spielberg and Coppola talked about the joy of winning an Oscar, making fun of Lucas, how to know if he's dating another girl who has not won a competitive Oscar.

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