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She then proceeded to break up with me.

All I saw was a bunch of dudes jacking off. If I drink enough jet fuel, will I gain the ability to fly?

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Apparently I always finish early and she complained how she never cums. So my girlfriend and I were out to an expensive dinner.

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Every night, I sneak out of my house around midnight and get into terf wars with other stray cats. My parents called a priest, because they think that there is something wrong with me, but nobody can figure out what. So I'm down to my last option, jet fuel.

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So I ask you, the knowledgeable yahoo answer people of the Internet, am I a cat? However, no such goal was accomplished. At least once a week, my parents have to call the fire department to come get me down from the tree. In fact, I'm not even sure why I didn't try this first. After showing my friends and family the wand, they told me that it did satisfy my mom's needs, questions to ask the guy i'm dating but not her magical ones shame on you mother.

It energizes jets so they can fly so I say why not me? Will I be able to fly after drinking jet fuel?

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At first I thought it was odd, but so many people were doing it, I guess it was the social norm. Hey everyone, I just wanted to know if there were any spells that could transform myself into a polar bear?