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When episodes stopped airing on Nick but continued on Nicktoons, dating a close family friend some took this to mean it was canceled. There has been a common practice by Nickelodeon over the past two decades of burning off new episodes of cancelled Nicktoons on the Nicktoons channel.

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Arena has joke endings for Chie, Yukiko, and Kanji that can be pursued by making certain choices in their respective campaigns. When deals were made for Letterman to move into that timeslot, the first season was rerun for almost a second season's worth of time to keep the slot occupied. The Heroes side with the Skyborne, slay the Earthblood's leader, and become the Creator's elite warriors.

Taki's Rekkimaru dagger shatters. It's been suggested that this came from Cartoon Network's corporate parent starting to give up on the franchise after Warner Bros. He also has an adult son from a previous marriage.

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Fox continues to air quarterly specials. He attempts to recruit Supergirl again, telling her about the army of aliens he seeks to form and how they can bring peace. The True Ending, unlocked after completing all the story missions, has Ragna, Yu, Hyde and Ruby defeat the System for good wit the power of all four Keystones. However they've since found a new home on Playhouse Disney Asia however Clifford got screwed when they changed over to Disney Junior Asia.

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Digimon Fusion moved to Nicktoons after Nickelodeon tried the show and gave up after two episodes. Ramona gets to continue dating Scott and they both go through a subspace door to their future. However, if you do well enough on your own, your character beats the boss without Goku's help though you do get a power-up from the spirits of Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, and Gotenks. In Normal mode, the final boss dies, but his last words are left ambiguous.

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Otherwise, you fail to save her and get an It's a Wonderful Failure ending. Frank Woods can be influenced into killing his long-time friend Alex Mason forcibly made to look like Raul Menendez, the antagonist of the game. They eventually ditched the show, but then Starz picked up both the first and second seasons. Whether they have good or bad karma at game's end can alter the endings slightly. The Heroes defeat the leaders of both the Skyborne and Earthblood, then destroy the Creator.

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It is implied that the zone was repaired and you have succeeded. When he resists for perfectly legitimate reasons, she mistakes this as being under the enemy's control, subdues him, and forces him to eat it. After a year-long hiatus, it jumped to syndication for two more.

If you rescued fewer than that, they let you die Standard Bad. He has one adult daughter from a previous marriage. Voldo returns Soul Edge to his master's vault.

The character's pupils are gone. The early game show Masquerade Party may hold the record for most channel hops. Destroy the equipment, and you are shown a bright, grassy field. Duel Savior Destiny has six endings for the main heroines and then a final route for Princess Crea. Jun the Swan's ending parodies the above Chun-Li ending in Tatsunoko vs.

The bad publicity came just a year after he'd been accused by a former assistant of human trafficking and sexual harassment. However, it'll chose at random between the Scarecrow, Bane, and Killer Croc as to who grabs it. However, either way she misses you.